BodyCam App - mobile app for security guards and security personnel
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BodyCam App

Mobile App and Case

The G.U 1 is a bespoke phone case with an APP and supporting D.E.M.S software system which can convert a smartphone to be worn and used as CCTV Body camera and reporting software system, whilst not compromising the device usage as day to day phone.

We recognise the significant expense and pressures to a company or organisation in a frontline environment, to provide all employees with CCTV body cameras for both personal safety and evidential collation.

It was been noted that a high percentage of employees are now issued smart phones for work use, but these are often significantly underutilised.

The development of this case and supporting software has now made it achievable and affordable for companies and organisations with large employee numbers to equip all frontline staff with a safe and secure system of work, to record footage and report incidents as they happen, for evidential purposes, for a fraction of the cost of a CCTV body camera.

Please see our videos demonstrating our Software systems and CCTV body camera case.

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